What I packed in my hospital bag!

  1. Robe – This came in handy because I’m always cold and hospitals tend to be a little on the chilly side.
  2. Long Nightgown – (buttons, open at the bottom is must, they check you non-stop while you’re in the hospital, vitals and pushing on your stomach…yes, not fun.) I brought 3 of them with me! I used 2.
  3. Sweatpants and comfy, loose top to go home in. (Some people go home in a normal outfit, not me. I wanted to still be super comfortable.)
  4. Comfortable postpartum underwear (linked the ones below) I also got a set from Kindred Bravely! Both of these I love!
  5. Bras that zip in the FRONT! Perfect for breastfeeding or pumping.

iPhone charger, portable iPhone charger, extension cord, mirror, makeup, hand sanitizer, shower items, nipple cream, SNACKS, hairbrush, chapstick, mints, gum, jolly ranchers.

I also packed my items in clear bags so Carl could easily grab what mini bag I needed and hand it to me. This ended up being a game-changer!

What I bought and then THREW away (yes, germs…)

1.Non-slip Socks

2. Slippers ($14)

3. Shower Shoes!

I highly recommend you asking the hospital during your tour what they provide for you. I was lucky and our hospital gave us unlimited supplies when it came to ice packs, pads, underwear and more. Below are the items I got at the hospital and ordered more for at home. I bought adult diapers but liked wearing high waisted underwear and pads better. Below is everything I needed at home for my vaginal recovery. But again, if your hospital doesn’t supply these, get them!

I also brought my bed pillow with me, two blankets: one for me and one for Carl and a towel! The ones the hospital provided weren’t soft at all. Also, a loofah when showering!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below! I’ll be sharing my birth story and about my recovery soon as well.

xx, Tonya Michelle

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  1. Giving birth is an ordeal! – albeit a beautiful one and every woman who has gone through it is a hero.

    For my hospital stay, my hospital provided me with a list and I was able to to get most of he this beforehand. The rest of it were gotten in the hospital supermarket.

  2. This is perfect! One of my friends is about to pop, so I will make sure to share this with her. (Reciprocated by Natasha Romero-Salas)

  3. You were certainly prepared, which is excellent. I know a lot of women go in thinking they have everything they need and then they’re disappointed with what was missed. Good job!

  4. I remember when I gave birth, my hospital bag was always the hardest part. I always felt like I was going to forget something. I wish I would have had a list back then.

  5. You have prepared everything in your bag – all the essentials and more. I did not do well during my time, which caused my husband to make several trips from the hospital to the house and the store and back. Will share this post with my niece who is expecting her first child in February next year.

  6. You definitely prepared every essentials that you need before and after giving birth, will share this with my friend who is giving birth this month.

  7. It’s been so long since I had to pack a hospital bag. I think this is important especially for first time mommas out there that’s about to give birth. It’s good to have everything with you.

  8. You really planned well before delivery and took all useful stuff. As after delivery we don’t get time for shopping and bringing things from home, so it is great to plan in advance.

  9. First of all, you are the cutest pregnant person ever! This photo of you is so good! Looks like you definitely packed all the necessities. I never thought of a hairbrush as something you need to pack, but now I can totally understand why! Loving this 🙂

  10. I have several friends who are currently pregnant, I will definitely be sharing this post with them! So many things to think about

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