About Me

Hello, I’m Tonya Michelle!

I’m a Pittsburgh native that moved to Miami to find herself and I ended up doing that and finding the love of my life; Carl! We moved back up North together to Virginia (right outside of the D.C. area) – We have been here now for almost 3 years and this will be forever “HOME” – ¬†We built our dream house and are creating the life we always wanted, together. We hope soon we will be adding another to our family and can’t wait to share that journey as well. We have fur babies which we love so much!!

I created this blog because I’m passionate about fashion, beauty and honestly anything that I love. It all started 3 years ago on Instagram. Simply sharing my favorite items, deals and what I found to be some amazing fashion and beauty items. Sometimes a little DIY, maybe even a recipe!

I’ve loved working with some amazing boutiques and fashion brands that have great quality staple pieces that every woman needs in her closet. You’ll find everything from small boutiques to high end designers. Theres no method to my madness, I wear what I love and I enjoy sharing it with you. I love being able to express myself with how I dress. Maybe I stay in my PJS all day, maybe I do full glam, who knows!

My interest in beauty is simply because I enjoy trying all products from Dior to Cover Girl foundation. I love trying to new looks and seeing what works for me and what doesn’t. I give honest feedback about all products that I try because I want the same when I read blogs. I think it’s very important to keep an honest reputation and I hope everyone can appreciate that as well.

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If you’d like to collaborate please send me an email: Press@TonyaMichelle26.com

Love and appreciate you all!!

Tonya Michelle