How to throw a Pinterest Worthy Baby Shower!

I knew when the day came I would have my Pinterest board ready and I would want to throw a BASH of a party to celebrate our bundle of joy. It’s one of those moments that only happen once and honestly, it seemed perfect in our eyes. I truly wanted everyone who attended to feel the excitement we have for Baby X – I also needed to find the best event planner to help me because my mom brain is in full effect!

Photos: Carling Zhou Photography


I could talk about Carling all day long. I’ve been blessed to find her over 3 years ago and have worked with her on my blog photos, event photos, engagement party photos, bridal shower photos, bachelorette party photos, OUR WEDDING and now our baby shower. I love her and she’s incredible.

Event Planner: Jessica Ashley

I was blessed to have Jessica from Jessica Ashley Events as my event planner for this shower. I admittedly was a little nervous at first because I have never used an event planner before nor did I know what to expect. Well, I wish I had her for my wedding. She took my ideas, my Pinterest board and made it happen. Not only did she run the show from top to bottom, but she also kept me on top of the things I needed to complete, she sketched out the entire venue and brought together all of the vendors I needed. Jessica handled EVERYTHING, she helped to lift such a huge weight off my shoulders, especially being 8 months pregnant and running my own business.

Jessica does weddings and events! I highly recommend her if you’re looking for someone to throw you an amazing event.

Check out her social media accounts to see what she has put together:


I have a LIST of amazing vendors that we hired to complete each needed idea for this baby shower, below you’ll find their info and photos!

Venue: ChefScape

The reason we loved this venue is that it’s truly an open book. You can make the space whatever you want. A fresh, clean, blank canvas you can turn into any idea you have, whether it’s a work event, baby shower or birthday party. They also do fun cooking classes if you ever want to host one, along with other kinds of events for the community. I also loved the location – Leesburg, close to us and easy to get to.


Balloons: Luxy Balloons

Took my small idea and ran with it…. honestly I was in awe. NEVER skip out on balloons, it changed the entire room!


FloralsLoudoun County Farms

Loudoun County Farms handled the floral arrangements on the dessert table, hanging palms and on the tables! It came out beautiful.


Cake & Desserts – Cakes by Marium

We did a funfetti cake, chocolate-covered strawberries, mini cupcakes, macaroons and rice krispie treats! They went FAST, haha. I wanted finger-foods to make everything easy to snack on.


Cookies – Cookies By Carrie

I’ve had Carrie design every cookie I’ve ever needed the past two years and she’s incredible. I legit love her cookies, not only cause they are GORGEOUS but they taste incredible as well. I always book her WAY in advance because she’s very limited on how many custom orders she does, so I would highly recommend dropping my name when trying to order, lol. I’m not kidding!


DJ, Photo Booth and Drapes: Romin, owner of Zandi Entertainment

Romin is someone who always gets the party started. He is the hype man in all the right ways. He’s always smiling, making everyone have a great time and also SO business savvy. Carl and I had him at our wedding and we still hear about how our wedding reception was the best one our guests have ever been too. If you’re looking for a DJ, he’s the guy.

A Photo Booth is ALWAYS a good idea.


Linens: Capital Party Rentals

Beverages: AhSo Restaurant (Mimosas + Sweet Tea)

Signage: J and M Designs


The AMAZING youtube video – by Josh Nesmith


Josh was a part of FilmsByJ team for our wedding. A well-done, professional video is something I knew I wanted to have simply because a day like this goes by so fast and it will be so nice to have this video to someday show Baby X how loved he was before he even arrived.

My makeup was done by the one and only Makeup by Shirin. I met Shirin over a year ago and our businesses have both brought us together and now I have an amazing friend in my life.


Shirin is also someone who books way in advance. She did my makeup for my maternity photos as well.


The men had to chug beer out of a baby bottle. This was hilarious, highly recommend doing this if you have a co-ed shower.

“Find the Guest” Purchased on Etsy, click HERE.

“Guess how big mom’s belly is” Sign HERE.

Baby Predictions and Advice cards HERE.

I loved how we did a onesie decorating station. It was a hit!

We also had a diaper raffle and instead of asking for a card, we had our friends and family bring a book and sign that! It was the perfect way to start Baby X’s library, highly recommend doing this.

All of the items I purchased online for the shower:

This was our DREAM baby shower! Thank you to everyone who was part of this day. It’s a day I’ll never forget and I wish I could go back and relive it all over again. We can’t wait for Baby X to arrive.

xx, Tonya Michelle

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  1. Now that’s what I call a baby shower to remember. I love all of the balloons and just the entire look of every single space of this memorable event. Congratulations BTW.

  2. Your baby shower was one of the best events I have ever been to. I am obsessed over the location. Every detail was a hit, nothing was missed. I am so excited for you.

  3. What a gorgeous baby shower! Pinterest wasn’t a thing when I was planning mine, so it wasn’t based on anything like that. We had a Harry Potter-themed shower with my oldest son.

  4. Oh my GOSH your baby shower is literally a dream come true. Can I just have your planner do every party of mine for the rest of my life? All of this is beautiful!

    1. Wow! Everything is so beautiful. The desserts look scrumptious. The colors are very appealing. Everything about this made me smile. I felt like I was there. It looks like you had an amazing and you are gorgeous. Blessings on the birth of a healthy baby.

  5. What a cute and beautiful baby shower! It’s a really nice idea for all parents out there waiting for a little one!
    Love all the pictures!

  6. Omg how fabulous!!! I just love it when pinteeet comes to life! I had a planned Vegas wedding and my wedding was my Pinterest vision as well!

    1. What a pretty baby shower it looks. I loved the decor, the idea of decorating onsie. Good wishes for being a new mother.

  7. I LOVED your baby shower, it was so amazing to see it from your stories and now see it on your blog post. I absolutely love that dress you’re wearing it’s so pretty!

  8. This is insane! I love everything about this baby shower! No doubt it has kept you busy for some time! I just love your styling and the balloons are just epic! What a great event!

  9. This is how I felt about my baby shower! Like all my Pinterest dreams had come true! You had a truly spectacular shower girl – I can’t wait to see that beautiful little baby! It’s PURE MAGIC!

  10. Now this is so amazing!!! Good for you guys for creating such a memorable, fun, creative baby shower! Now you’ll have these memories forever!! And you’ll get to keep all these awesome photos, too! You both are beaming with joy – which is so cool to see!
    Xx, Morgs*

  11. WOW the shower looks beautiful! I am so bad at decorating and planning events like this. I could look through Pinterest and know what I like but it’s hard for me to put my pins into action. You are an inspiration!

  12. What a beautiful Baby Shower! Everything looks so nice and decorated with every details. It’s definitely an event to remember forever! Congratulations girl! ❤️

  13. What a beautiful Baby Shower! Everything looks so nice and decorated with every details. It’s definitely an special event to remember forever! Congratulations!!!❤️

  14. This looks like such a fun time! I love baby showers because there couldn’t be anything more fun to celebrate. You really went all out!! Love the little cookies and treats.

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