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Since my last post, we have now been through SO many baby items with Xavier and I wanted to go into detail on what we like and WHY. Do you need everything? No, but these items have made our lives much easier and these are what Xavier loved. **This post IS a sponsored post by BUYBUYBABY, ALL thoughts and opinions are MY OWN. We have gotten these items from our registry or we have BOUGHT them ourselves! We have put these items to work the last 6 months! Also, a lot of y’all have asked for this post so I’m HAPPY to share our thoughts! Any questions, leave a comment on the blog post and I’ll respond!

**Also, thank you for always shopping thru my links! It’s linked back to my blog which helps me do more fun projects like this.

*** These are the items we loved, every baby or parent is different and that’s totally ok. Just sharing what worked for us!

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Stroller & Accessories

Bugaboo Donkey 2. To purchase click HERE.

Our thoughts: We got this stroller because we will be having more babies and it’s built to hold two. We were planning ahead with this one because of the price tag. It rides SO smoothly but it’s definitely a little bulkier, but again it fits two so that’s expected.

Since this comes with a bassinet – we got the bassinet stand which then we put together and kept downstairs so when the baby needed a nap (from when he was born until he turned 3 months) this is where he took his naps in the living room. This was amazing simply for the fact that it kept him near us and we didn’t put him in a crib until 3 months. I work from home so this was something we used every single day until he turned 3 months. This is also a great item for traveling.

Bugaboo Stand. To purchase click HERE.

We started doing our family walks again! Since it’s not warm out just yet, Carl saw this Bugaboo Footmuff (think sleeping bag for babies)and it’s SO warm & COZY. We actually used this yesterday and Xavier was kept warm (it was 50 degrees out)

BugoBoo Footmuff. To purchase click HERE.

We added some accessories for the stroller which are self explanatory so I will link them all here:

We also picked up a smaller stroller. Something I could personally handle MYSELF when Carl isn’t around and I can also put this together and collapse it with one hand. WINNER.

UppaBaby Minu Stroller. To Purchase click HERE.

Car Seat

CYBEX Platinum Cloud Q SensorSafe™ Infant Car Seat in Black.

To purchase / view, click HERE.

Out of all the carseats this is the one we personally liked the best. The one feature we liked a lot is it reclines when out of the car. SO when we attached this to our stroller we could recline it when he was sleeping (aka when we were on walks or at a store.) It also has side impact protection. Again, everyone likes what they like and this was ours! Maybe our next child it will be different!

Bassinet & Bedding

Halo Bassinet- We used this next to our bed for the first two months. Obviously you can use it longer. We loved the swivel feature and the heartbeat sound machine built in. Has a few other ones you can choose from as well. Highly recommend this brand. To purchase / view click HERE.

Halo Bassinet Mattress cover pads – We bought 3 of these so we could change them after spit up and etc. A must have. To purchase / view click HERE.

HALO® DreamNest™ 3-in-1 Open Air Portable Crib with Breathable Mesh Mattress – we keep this in our basement for when we want to watch movies, hang out or especially when traveling. It comes in super handy. I know some people keep this in their living room! We recently took this to VA Beach with us and used it in the hotel. To purchase / view click HERE.

Waterproof Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Pad Covers– We purchased a TWO pack cribs water proof mattress covers. I found that having two was best simply because if he ever had any issues one would be in the wash and we have another on hand. This has happened only a few times but we’ve been glad we had two. To purchase / view, click HERE.

Baby Sheets – We have a few other sheets but this one is super soft and definitely recommend it! To purchase / view, click HERE.

Swaddles – Velcro for the WIN

Here is the page with the brand we love: click HERE.

Tip: * we use “receiving” blankets as burp rags. We never wanted to swaddle him the old fashion way. Call me lazy, but whatever! Too hard in the middle of the night when he’s a baby. Below are the ones WE LOVE and had about 7-8 on hand at all times!

Tip ** Buy gender neutral ones if you plan on having more babies and you can easily reuse, or reuse anyways, they will never know. LOL

Bath & Potty

Bath tub– We tried a different tub at first and didn’t like it. I won’t link that one, the one we do like (and heard everyone else loves too) is only $24! Xavier doesn’t slip in it, it’s comfortable and easy to store. It’s linked HERE.

A bath thermometer is needed. (We keep his bath temp at 99.5-100) We grabbed this cute duck one for $12.99. To purchase or view click HERE.

Bath Knee Pad – this to me is a must. Giving baths isn’t easy and I need to be comfy, lol. Best $34.99 spent. To purchase or view click HERE.

Hooded bath towel – We have two of these and he loves to be wrapped up in this after his baths. I linked a few options below. Click the photos to shop.

Nursing / Bottle

Medela® Sonata® Smart Hospital Performance Breast Pump – again, personally this is the pump I chose and loved it. Super light weight and could walk around with it. Used mine for 8 weeks! Also check with your insurance company to see if they will cover it. To purchase / view click HERE.

Medela Pump Bra – I purchased three of these and they were my favorite out of all the ones I tried. To purchase / view click HERE.

Haakaa– Whats that? Something you’ll need if you’re going to breastfeed. I didn’t know that when the baby is eating from one breast, the other breast will start leaking breast milk. You don’t think youre loosing a lot until you place a haakaa on it and you collect 3-4 oz. Save that! I had 2-3 of them cleaned and ready to go. To purchase / view click HERE.

Boppy Nursing Pillow – We used this nonstop. Highly recommend it. Its also something you’ll use for them for tummy time once they get stronger. Can use this for multiple reasons. To purchase / view click HERE.

Baby Bottles – we legit tried them all. Personally Xavier spit up and had a lot of gas with every bottle we tried until we tried Playtex VentAir. Kandi our baby specialist/Nanny recommended these and he’s had no issues since. I recommend buying ONE bottle to try then see how it goes.

Here are the 6 oz (you’ll use these until he/she eats more) Shop HERE.

Here are the 9 oz we currently use. Shop HERE.

Medela Quick Clean™ Bottle Brush in Yellow – this is the best brush I’ve found so far. My friends also love this one! To purchase / view click HERE.

Baby Brezza® One-Step Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer – If you’ll be using bottles at all you will want this. I didn’t want this at first but then once I realized how much of a pain drying bottles or making sure they were PERFECTLY clean was, we bought this. I hand wash my bottled then place into the baby breeza. It has 3 different timers on drying levels. MAKE sure to use DISTILLED water in this! I feel comfortable knowing the bottles are washed, sterilized and dried each time. Peace of mind is everything. To purchase / view click HERE.

Formula Maker- If you’ll be using formula, I also recommend the Baby Brezza baby formula maker. Making sure you have the right water to formula is VERY important. After measuring his formula incorrectly once, I googled issues that it may cause, and cried. So after that mixup Carl went to the store and purchased this. Life has been easy since, lol. To purchase / view click HERE.

Health & Baby Care

Baby Detergent – We personally love Dreft. I love the smell of it and baby X loves it too. This is the only detergent we use for him. To Purchase / view click HERE.

Ear Thermometer- We chose Braun & have used it the past 6 months without any issues, easy to use. To purchase / view click HERE.

Baby Basic Kit- THIS IS A MUST HAVE. It comes with a booger sucker, yep I said booger sucker…an instrument to help them pass gas if needed, nail clippers and a scalp scrubber. You will 100% need this kit. To purchase / view click HERE. Frida Baby makes INCREDIBLE products!!

Grooming Kit – Loved this kit, had everything we needed. We keep one in his room and then a kit with us in our diaper bags. To purchase / view click HERE.

Pacifier– Xavier doesn’t use Pacis at all now but when he was a baby he did for a few weeks. We loved the ones connected to the animals. You can remove the stuffed animal for bedtime and only use the Paci. We let him have the animal on it while we watched him. Comes in different animals too. To purchase or view click HERE.

Random Items:

High Chair – We got the 4moms & love it. Easy set up and easy to clean. Xavier took a few times to get used to it but now he loves to sit there and play! To purchase / view click HERE.

PlayMat – Xavier LOVED this, we used this when he was around 2 months old up until 5 months. You can easily still use but we ended up getting him another one to switch it up. You can remove the keyboard when they are older and sitting up. It’s a great transition toy! To purchase / view click HERE.

Dockatot – We loved using this! We would keep it next to us while we watched tv or had dinner. It was a way for Xavier to nap next to us while we spent time together. **we did NOT let him sleep in this over night** To purchase or view click HERE.

Explore Jumper – Xavier LOVES this. Carl couldn’t wait until X could jump in this thing. We put him in this around 4 months. He was big enough and had control of his neck. He jumps ALL day long in this. The highest score. is 1600 so far, haha. It’s the cutest thing to watch. Highly recommend! To purchase / view click HERE.

White Noise Machine – We love HATCH! It has an app you can control everything from your phone. There are 5 different settings you can set up to be programed. We do 2 lullabys and 3 white noice sounds. We use this for all his naps and bedtime! To purchase / view click HERE.

Cart & High Chair Cover – We chose the boppy one. We haven’t used this yet only because flu season is high and I don’t need to take him to the grocery store or out for dinner yet. I’ve heard great reviews on this from friends. To purchase / view click HERE.

Storage Caddy: We used this for downstairs & for our bedroom! At all times we kept this stocked with diapers, wipes, baby lotion, and other items which Ill list below as well. We also used when we traveled which kept it easy! We purchased two and was happy we did! Now that he uses his crib for all naps and sleeping (since 3 months old) we no longer keep it stocked in our bedroom. To purchase / view click HERE. $23.99

I tried to remember everything! Hope this helps you find something you’re looking for. Any questions, let me know below 🙂

xx, Tonya Michelle

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What I packed in my hospital bag!

  1. Robe – This came in handy because I’m always cold and hospitals tend to be a little on the chilly side.
  2. Long Nightgown – (buttons, open at the bottom is must, they check you non-stop while you’re in the hospital, vitals and pushing on your stomach…yes, not fun.) I brought 3 of them with me! I used 2.
  3. Sweatpants and comfy, loose top to go home in. (Some people go home in a normal outfit, not me. I wanted to still be super comfortable.)
  4. Comfortable postpartum underwear (linked the ones below) I also got a set from Kindred Bravely! Both of these I love!
  5. Bras that zip in the FRONT! Perfect for breastfeeding or pumping.

iPhone charger, portable iPhone charger, extension cord, mirror, makeup, hand sanitizer, shower items, nipple cream, SNACKS, hairbrush, chapstick, mints, gum, jolly ranchers.

I also packed my items in clear bags so Carl could easily grab what mini bag I needed and hand it to me. This ended up being a game-changer!

What I bought and then THREW away (yes, germs…)

1.Non-slip Socks

2. Slippers ($14)

3. Shower Shoes!

I highly recommend you asking the hospital during your tour what they provide for you. I was lucky and our hospital gave us unlimited supplies when it came to ice packs, pads, underwear and more. Below are the items I got at the hospital and ordered more for at home. I bought adult diapers but liked wearing high waisted underwear and pads better. Below is everything I needed at home for my vaginal recovery. But again, if your hospital doesn’t supply these, get them!

I also brought my bed pillow with me, two blankets: one for me and one for Carl and a towel! The ones the hospital provided weren’t soft at all. Also, a loofah when showering!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below! I’ll be sharing my birth story and about my recovery soon as well.

xx, Tonya Michelle

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