Tasty Mother’s Day Mimosas

Why not celebrate mom this Mother’s Day with some fun and tasty Mother’s Day mimosas that she will really enjoy. Whether you celebrate mom with a special brunch, lunch or dinner, mimosas are always a tasty drink choice.

If you are unfamiliar with mimosas, they are a delicious cocktail that includes a mixture of champagne and chilled orange juice, or other fruity citrus juices, and are traditionally served at brunch. Although, they can be served any time of the day.

If you are looking for some delicious mimosas that you can serve with a delicious meal as you celebrate mom, these mimosas are both tasty and refreshing.  Below are some of my favorite Mimosa recipes from some amazing bloggers:

Pineapple Mimosa

Rather than traditional orange juice, pineapple juice is used for this lighter-tasting brunch cocktail that’s simple and delicious.

Prosecco Peach Bellini

Peach puree and dry Prosecco sparkling wine are blended together to make a simple summer drink that can be enjoyed on a warm summer day.

Strawberry Honey Lime Mimosas

This strawberry honey lime mimosa cocktail is a fruity drink that is made with fresh strawberries which are then blended into a strawberry juice and sparkling wine.

Mint Grapefruit Mimosas

A delicious and citrus flavored mimosa that combines tasty wine, a homemade grapefruit puree and a honey-mint simple syrup.

Sunrise Mimosas

These sunrise mimosas are mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice and a white wine. The sunrise look comes from the optional grenadine you can add.

Orange Creamsicle Mimosa

If you enjoy the taste of orange creamsicles, this mimosa creates the perfect creamy and fruity cocktail that’s perfect for Mother’s Day.

Low-Carb Mimosa

Wanting to watch your carb intake? No worries, this mimosa uses Diet V-8 splash and cold Prosecco and is then topped off with an orange slice for extra flavor and to create a beautiful mimosa.

Honey Orange Mimosa

Just a bit of honey is added to the sweet citrus taste of blood oranges and navel oranges to create a tasty and refreshing mimosa cocktail.

Cranberry Mimosa

Cranberries are typically thought of during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them throughout the rest of the year, especially with this tasty cranberry mimosa.

Raspberry Mimosa

Raspberry liqueur and frosty pomegranate juice are blended together with your favorite wine to create this delicious raspberry mimosa.


Mimosa meets Cosmopolitan with this delicious mimosa which gives it a bit more of a kick than your traditional mimosa.

Tropical Pineapple Mimosa

A bit of lemon-lime soda is combined with pineapple juice and wine to create this tropical mimosa that’s perfect for Mother’s Day or any summer day.

Cheers! Hope you found the perfect Mimosa for your day!

Tonya Michelle

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