How to make a salad taste good! Yep, that’s right!

Let me honest with you guys, I’m not the best with eating salads and you know why? They truly aren’t my favorite thing to eat. So when you need to start eating more greens, what do you do? You figure it out! I played around with different toppings and veggies to add to my salads recently and I think I’m now addicted. No joke, bring on the salads!

Below I’m sharing what I now love to put on mine and some other great ideas that might help you also find your love for salads as well.

My usual dressing for my salads are either a classic Oil & Vinegar, Zoës Kitchens famous dressing or Italian! Today I used Newman’s Own Salad Dressing, Oil & Vinegar! You can find it at your local grocery store or I linked it HERE from Amazon!

I like adding some sort of “crunch” to my salads — I’m a huge tortilla and chip eater so this helps me not feel like I’m just eating plain veggies on a salad! I added three different things to this salad and to my surprise…it tasted BOMB.COM

I used the following:

Fresh Gourmet Cheese Crisps in Asiago.

Fresh Gourmet Won Ton Strips in Garlic Ginger.

Fresh Gourmet Crispy Onions.

Also let’s not forget the bacon bits! Don’t eat meat? That’s fine, skip them!

I added some green peppers and scallions as well. I love buying the pre-chopped up veggies at the store cause they simply save me time, to me that’s a win!

Also, talking about saving time…I recently discovered the pre-washed lettuce and I’m hooked. I’m the type of person that needs stuff done quickly and easy. Being a busy bee…I don’t like wasting time on prepping my meals, unless it’s dinner! Organic Girl has many different types of salads you can purchase and I believe to me, they taste A LOT better than anything else I’ve eaten. No joke!

I’m also the person who loves to eat my salads in the biggest bowl we own, sometimes it can be a little funny looking but I like to MIX up everything really well so each bite has a little bit of everything ya know?

I’m able to make this salad in less than 5 minutes, eat in 10-15 and then get back to work. Personally it’s shown me how I can take something I didn’t like before and turn it into one of my favorite meals of the day now.

I hope you try something new on you salad this week! Do you have something you MUST have on every salad? Mine would be onions…doesn’t help my breathe but they are SO delicious!

ps, Walmart has some really cute plastic Summer bowls. The one above has cactus on it! Came in a set of 3, super fun!!

xx, Tonya Michelle

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  1. Haha I love this post because whenever my husband suggests salad I only have “you don’t make friends with salad” running through my head. Any tips to make salads taste better is always welcome!!

  2. I’m actually a huge salad junkie! Now I’m tempted to make some salads for dinner tonight! Thanks for giving me the inspiration!

  3. Salad is good to me anyway haha, but I agree, Newman’s Own has some of the best dressing I’ve tried. Tortilla chips are also delicious on salads!

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