How to find the perfect foundation at Sephora Inside JCPenney!

This blog post is sponsored by Sephora inside JCPenney. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

One of the most important parts of makeup application is finding a foundation shade that is right for you. There’s nothing worse than doing your makeup, leaving your house, only to have one of your friends point out that you didn’t blend your makeup well enough and you have a makeup line! That’s why Sephora inside JCPenney has made it SO easy with their Color IQ true shade foundation match technology!

I met Avril, one of Sephora inside JCPenney’s Education Managers, at the Sephora inside JCPenney at the Woodmoore Towne Center in Lanham, Maryland. We first talked about my skin and what kind of skin I have. If you don’t know what kind of skin you have and you feel like every product you try isn’t right for your face, go to Sephora inside JCPenney immediately and get your skin analyzed with their Moisture Meter! The Moisture Meter measures hydration levels in your skin and gives you a number from 1-100, 100 being hydrated, one being not at all. I have naturally oily skin, which was confirmed by my 99 rating! Based on my rating, Avril recommended Belif’s The True Cream–Aqua Bomb to keep my skin feeling hydrated all day long, and let me be the first to tell you that it is the best!

Next, Avril brought out Sephora’s “Color IQ” reader. This is by far the coolest technology I’ve probably ever seen. Avril took pictures of my cheek, chin and forehead with the Color IQ reader and the machine automatically recommended foundations and shades customized just for me!

No more harsh makeup lines or trying a million different shades until you find the right one! It’s that easy.

I matched with the new BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24-Hour Foundation that went on so smoothly with the Sephora brushes Avril recommended: number 52 for concealer and number 88 for foundation. Additionally, the Color IQ technology also recommends a concealer that’s right for you. We used Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover concealer. It matched so perfectly, I couldn’t even tell it was on my face! Avril told me that’s how you know you’ve found your perfect shade, when you can’t see it!

Don’t settle for foundation that’s just “okay.” Go to your local Sephora inside JCPenney and receive a free mini makeover to find your match. You don’t even need to make an appointment!


Find your perfect foundation shade just like I did. You’ll even receive some free samples of other products to try. You’ll be so happy when you don’t notice those annoying makeup lines anymore!

Click HERE to watch my YouTube video on the entire process!

xx, Tonya Michelle

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  1. Okay I love this! And I’ll tell you why! Prescriptives used to be my go-to foundation before they disappeared from beauty counters and they always made THE perfect shade for me. I have yet to find another resource like that, so I am super stoked to read your post about this! Sephora, here I come!

  2. Now that’s a great place ETO go look for your skin care products and make up. They have great service. I would love to check Saphora’s outlets near me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Absolutely amazing! I don’t wear makeup because I have always had a great complexion. However, growing older, I feel more desire to wear makeup. I will check out Sephora when I am ready to move forward!

  4. Since wearing the foundation, do you love it?! I think the hardest thing about Sephora counters is their lighting. It can sometimes make me think I’m a different foundation shade than I actually am. But thankfully, they let me take home trial size products, which I love. Sephora is my happy place haha!

  5. I think that finding the perfect, true match for your foundation is something a lot of women skip. The best test is to take a photograph, if you don’t’ look like a ghost, you’re golden!

  6. We don’t have Sephora here but love popping in whenever I go to the states – finding the right shade is such a chore

  7. What an awesome service! My skin has changed so much during my latest pregnancy and now I have no idea what works for me anymore! I used to have oily skin, now it’s dry- some days! I may be making a trip over to JC Penny very soon!

  8. Wow I had no idea JC Penny was still operating, I thought they closed all of their stores. It’s great to see their Partnership with Sephora, hopefully they can help increase their foot traffic and sales!

  9. Aaaw Tonya; the shade suits you so fine I must agree. Your makeover was one awesome one lol!And you are right, with the right shade of foundation, one can always look glamorous easily.

  10. That’s amazing!! I can’t wait to try this out. I had no idea this was a thing! As a person with a medium tan skin tone, it can be SUPER difficult to find a good foundation that also blends flawlessly. I usually use a cocktail of colors to get a match.

  11. This sounds so good! American Sephoras really are something else! And you have them in JC Penney’s too? Be right back, I’m just moving all my stuff to the US. Ha!

  12. Finding your right shade can be tough!! I always end up buying two shades since I like to tan. One for when I’m pale. The other for when I’m tan

  13. They are always SO helpful! It’s great! They have the best selection and ways to find a foundation that works for you!

  14. How am I just now finding out there is a Sephora inside of JCPenney? This is amazing! I love all the tips on finding the perfect shade.

  15. Always loved the service at the Sephora inside JCP. Lovely ladies who always do their best to assist you especially with the technology they are equipped with

  16. Sephora is one of the most sought-after cosmetics brand by lots of makeup users. The beauty tips you shared are very helpful for lots of women out there. This is a very nice and helpful blog post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. I need to do this! I’ve been needing a nice foundation, but I’m worried about buying something and not liking it. This is awesome that they do this at Sephora.

  18. sounds like a wonderful experience u had at sephora! i would totally try this if i wasn’t already married to my chanel foundation hahaha

  19. I think this is a brilliant way of finding out which is the perfect foundation for your skin type. I don’t really wear foundation so I have no idea which is the right color for me.

  20. Okay…this is so cool! I have never heard of a machine that can color match you, that is amazing! I’ve always wondered about Sephora and heard great things, I may have to try them out next time I’m in the market for makeup!

  21. I love Sephora and the girls working there are always super helpful! I am actually looking for new foundation for winter so gonna have to check this BECCA Ultimate Coverage out as you look stunning !

  22. Oh wow! Color IQ is such a cool technology. It’s amazing how makeup has evolved. I’m amazed. Too bad, we don’t have Sephora here in our country. I’ve only been to Sephora when I visited Singapore. 🙁

  23. This is really good and I have always been told when trying out new makeup, let the consultants at the store to help you choose which you have done.

  24. I have been needing to buy some new make up. I guess I’ll be stopping by the store soon to get the help picking the right colors.

  25. I don’t usually wear make up but your post made me think twice. I only have the basics – lipstick, face powder, eyeliner and mascara. I would love to have someone give me professional advice when it comes to choosing foundation. Happy that they have that at Sephora.

  26. I’ve never actually visited a Sephora inside JCPenney before, although there are some very close by. It seems like fate that I stumbled on your post, haha. I have to go to the mall tomorrow for a return and do happen to need a new foundation. Thanks for this tip!

  27. Finding the right color foundation can be so hard, especially when the store is overcrowded and you feel pressured to pick one. Your experienced looked wonderful xx

  28. Knowing how to choose the right foundationis I think very important if you don’t want to end up looking as if you’re wearing a mask or that you’ve waked straight off a theater stage. The ‘Color IQ’ reader and customized foundation sounds quite innovative and I feel it’s going to be the game changer.
    – Nandita

  29. Finding the right foundation colour can be so hard! It is especially for me that I have a neutral under tone and most brands offer warm or cool tones, but not neutral!

  30. It’s amazingg how technology can help you find the right clothes and make up these days. I love how the lady let ou do a video it really complements the picture and their little guide on how to apply the product looks really useful to x

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