Makeup palettes you need in your daily routine

I went through my FAVORITE makeup palettes I have and currently love and wanted to share which ones I believe are a MUST have. You know, the ones with face, eye and maybe even lip included. I’ve linked different ones from Sephora and Ulta, depending on where you shop. If you’re looking for a palette and would like a link that isn’t below, let me know!

I love finding a palette that has everything you need. Some have the basics and some have everything you’d need for a complete glam look. I personally love the ones that have the basics and are easy to travel with, whether that means small in size, has everything I need and or comes with a mirror.

This is one of the new palettes from Laura Gellar Beauty and it’s PERFECT for that Summer glow. It’s called the Southampton Classic –


  • Eyeshadows in Sand Dollar (pale cream), Sea Glass (shimmering aqua), Dune Road (medium brown) & Driftwood (shimmering deep brown)
  • Blush in Coral Reef (pinky coral)
  • Bronzer in Vitamin Sea (medium bronzer)

It’s currently on sale for only $19, marked down from $32.  You can purchase HERE.

I’ve linked some of my other favorites below:

Any of these would be perfect to add into your routine – every one of these I personally own and love. I have linked them all above for you. If you’re looking for a certain product or have any questions feel free to leave them below!

xx, Tonya Michelle 

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  1. Admittedly I am not a makeup guru by any means, so posts like this are SO helpful. I love learning about the new makeup palettes I need in my life.

  2. I just returned the Too Faced Natural Face palette because that thing was WAY TOO PIGMENTED for me! (I’ve never had that problem, haha!) But I love Tarte one!

  3. Those colors look absolutely perfect for summer! Love when one palette can cover your whole face so you don’t have to bring a bunch of different ones for traveling. Thanks for sharing, babe!

  4. I need a new palette. I was using a Too Faced natural palette and my favorite eye shadow was called Nude Beach. They discontinued Nude Beach ;-(

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