11 must-have items for Summer!

Summer is finally here! Whether you’re staying home or traveling this summer, these are my must-have items for whatever you do!

A great BB/CC cream

Taking care of your skin in the sun is SO important, but you want to look good doing so, right? These are my favorite BB/CC creams right now that protect your skin with SPF while providing a little coverage while you’re in the sun!

Another BB Cream that Tonya is loving: DERMAE – click HERE.


I have been SO into headbands and headwraps lately, I can’t get enough! Favorites that I’ve found have been from Target, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. These are the best!


I’m a sucker for a good statement earring, especially in Summer. Below I’ve linked TONS of affordable options:


Summertime is all about tan skin! Get that glow (safely) with a good self-tanner. These are the best self-tanners I’ve tried that range from a mousse-like St. Tropez, to a gradual tan lotion like Tanceuticals and Jergen’s.

A good book!

There’s nothing better than laying out by the pool, the beach, or even on your back patio or deck with a great book while enjoying the beautiful weather. These are some great summertime reads Caroline and I have picked up and enjoyed lately.


Don’t forget the sunscreen! These are some of my favorites ranging from lotions, gels, sprays, face sunscreen and lip sunscreen! These are my tried and true favorites that seriously protect your skin!

A cute beach/pool bag

Straw bags are seriously in for the summer. These are a few of my favorites I’ve found that are great for the beach, pool or just a cute summer purse!


Who can forget a fabulous pair of shades? These have been some favorites of mine lately!

Other beach/pool bag must-haves:

I keep the rest of these products in my beach bag, pool bag, car, purse, everywhere during the summer time! (Except for the Sun In, that’s a favorite of Caroline’s!)

What’s your summer must-have item? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Xx, Tonya & Caroline


  1. Oh girl, I couldn’t agree more with the headwraps. These are some of my favorite accessories right now! In addition, the Neutrogena Self Tanner is one of my favorites for after-sun moisturizing.

  2. It is so hot here that I keep my hair up all the time so I have to have my hair clips. We also go through a lot of sunscreen in our house. I usually pick up six cans to get us started for the season!

  3. I definitely agree with all of these, especially the self-tanner and a good book hehe. I’m happiest when golden and occupied with a story!

  4. A good book and sunscreen are musts for me, for sure! The earrings are so cute, but I don’t have pierced ears so it isn’t an option for me. We had one of those fan/misters at Disney earlier this week and it was such a lifesaver in this Florida heat!

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