Faux Fur Jackets — most under $45!

Faux fur is one of my favorite things to wear. Whether it’s on boots, jacket or even my handbag. I’m a huge fan to be honest. I have “way too much” even though I truly don’t think you can ever have enough. 

This jacket is under $30! I’m wearing a medium. Shop below.

If there is a certain look you’re going for, a simple or “extra” faux fur jacket can really seal the outfit.

xx, Tonya Michelle

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  1. I love those jackets and just like you, I can’t seem to have enough. Now, I am in Florida, my love for bags will grow as I won’t need as many jackets as I use to do in NJ.

  2. This is really nice looking brand. My sister would love to check it out because she is looking for new brands, thank you for sharing!

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