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Everyday there are so many people in the front lines of this virus doing their jobs so we can get our mail, packages, groceries, go to the doctors, emergency room, police, fire fighters and more. We’re SO lucky to have them. Let’s show them how much we CARE.

Below are links to download signs to print out, color and hang outside so your neighbors and service people can know…WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.


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5 Ways to Enjoy Time Outside During Social Distance

It’s evident that most of the country, if not the world, is under quarantine orders. Most people have panicked at the thought of having to stay in their homes, (including myself!!) but this isn’t necessarily the case. Different ordinances have been released suggesting to keep a safe distance from others, but none say that you cannot be outside. 

Hence, why I’d like to share 5 ways to enjoy time outside during social distance. Keep in mind any ordinances set in place for your community; and as always, use common sense when making decisions.

Use Your Backyard

No matter the size of your backyard, if you have just a little space, that’s enough to enjoy some outside time in. Children can gather their few favorite toys and enjoy the nice breeze and sunshine without overstepping the social distance rule.

Now is also a good time to get out those sandboxes, water play bins, and even fire up the grill. When the sun has set and the stars have started to come out, enjoy an evening stargazing.

Carl and I enjoy our backyard by sitting outside by our fire pit, drinking wine and listening to music. It’s also nice to sit outside during the day and read my book!

Visit a Park

Most national parks are still open and have even made admission free. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a state park while keeping a safe distance from others. From walking and hiking trails to fishing spots, visiting a park can offer a breath of fresh air and the rewards of beautiful scenery.

Take a Hike

Taking a good hike not only offers a good workout, but they also offer a piece of mind. Most hikers will tell you that they get a mix of adrenaline from the overall hike itself, but also a soothing sensation from connecting with nature. Even beyond that, there is just something about connecting with nature. Our favorite place to hike locally is Great Falls.

Go for a Neighborhood Stroll

Any type of exercise during this time is a plus for any immune system. Keeping your system working at an optimal level is a sure way to stay healthy. Hit up your neighborhood for a short (or long) stroll to catch a breath of fresh air, and to change up the scenery of being in the house so much.

Carl and I have been putting Xavier in the stroller, leashing up the dogs and trying to go for a walk daily (when the weather has been nice) We are both looking forward to the sunshine staying and the temperatures rising. It’s been a nice way for us to take a deep breath and also I love the workout.

Enjoy a Scenic Drive

Some people may not recommend this due to the lack of their being bathrooms available, but taking a scenic drive should definitely be on your outside to-do list. If you have small children, pack the potty and some wipes. Have older kiddos use the bathroom before they leave, and hit the scenic route.

With Spring having just sprung, you’ll enjoy seeing flowers bloom and the grass getting greener. Roll the windows down and turn the music up for a time to unwind and get away from it all. I know yesterday I took a 30 min drive and for a second I felt normal again, it was refreshing just to drive.

Although you may be hesitant to enjoy life right now, there really are ways to stay sane and keep somewhat of a normal life. Remembering to get outside and enjoy the fresh air is one of them. Don’t feel like you have to stay cooped up in your home, stressed out about seeing the light of day again.

Getting outside is actually good for you: mentally, physically, and emotionally. It has so many natural healing properties, I would have to write another blog post just to talk about it. Nevertheless, nature is your friend… so get outdoors and enjoy it!

CHIME IN: What are some ways you’re enjoying the great outdoors right now? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Please take into consideration the ordinances put in place where you live and use best judgment when choosing to do anything in the public. This post does not suggest that you put yourself in harms way.

xx, Tonya Michelle

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The best games to play at home with your significant other or family/kids!

Carl and I have been busting out all the boardgames and learning new ones the last few nights. It’s been a great way to spend sometime together without having to leave the house. Make some yummy snacks, grab a drink or flavored water and have some fun. Below I listed them in different categories for you.



Kids – Games & Activities

Our personal favorites:

Hope yall enjoy a game night together.

xx, Tonya Michelle

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