An Easy Way To Wear A Dress In Winter!

Wintertime would be SO much cooler (pun intended) if we could continue wearing our favorite clothes without freezing to death. Well, luckily there are a couple things we can do to keep frostbite at bay. When the cold air hits, there are still a ton of outfits we can get away with, as long as it isn’t super windy. NOTHING can get past that wind! I LOVE wearing dresses year round, so I am always thinking of new ways to style them and stay warm(ish).

As we all know, layering is so important when trying to stay warm. The dress I am wearing is from one of my favorite stores and it’s linked below! It has thin fabric, but it’s layered with a thicker slip underneath. I also like that the sleeves are long and thin, so I can wear it under virtually ANY jacket or coat.

NEXT- Leggings, tights, stockings-oh my! I picked these fun ones up at my local Macy’s Backstage inside Macy’s (thank you for the gift card!!)

You could be wearing the most simple dress but be able to jazz it up perfectly with the right pair of tights or stockings! I have found some amazing and inexpensive stockings at a few stores this season and they are linked below for you. The ones I am wearing below are flower printed, so they are edgy, but still feminine. I like pairing this dress with a black coat that runs a little longer than the dress itself, that way I can still show off my stockings, and ankle boots (or booties) !

Alright, so we will stay reasonably warm for a quick walk to the movies (or wherever you are going that night) from the car. Right? Right! What are we missing?

Yup- ACCESSORIES! One thing I will always adore about accessories is that the weather doesn’t matter! The fashion gods didn’t let us down in that department. (thank you, fashion gods!) Below the sunnies I have linked you can shop and also get $15 each or anything from their website by using code: tonyamichelle — every dollar saved counts!!

I decided to wear these round, jet black, sunnies to pull together my whole outfit. With my black boots, my belt, and my sunnies, everything comes together nicely!

Also the lip color I’m wearing is linked HERE.

So, like I said earlier, this outfit is a bit edgy, but still feminine. I kept that same vibe with my makeup as well. I was a little light on my eyes, but decided on a darker lipstick. You can also find similar circle earrings here!

Well, I hope you all like this look as much as I do!


xx, Tonya Michelle

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  1. I’ve worn leggings under a dress before when I was attending a wedding in North Carolina in the winter and it was much colder than I anticipated! It’s a cute look and was so comfortable.

  2. This is a hot look! I love it. The color, and style. Those big billowy sleeves. This dress demands attention and just in case anyone missed it the tights are on fire. I want a pair!!

  3. You always have the most beautiful outfits. I love this pink dress, and the stockings are amazing. I Love those sunglasses. Beautiful!!!

  4. Your site is absolutely stunning, so is your outfit in this post. Those types are really from Macy’s? I’m always scared to wear gorgeously delicate patterns types like that because I tend to ruin them on the first day. But I suppose in the backstage area there more decently priced to where you’re not as upset, right?

  5. I love the outfit in the pictures above, that dress and shoes are seriously stunning. I love the tights as well, those are definitely neat. It is definitely hard to wear a dress in the winter but putting some leggings underneath it is definitely helpful. Thank you for sharing these great styling tips!

  6. I feel you about layering pieces to make them work for winter. I usually just wear the same things I wore the season before and just layer a coat on top and tights underneath. This is such a cute look!

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