7 Hair tricks and tips + what new products I’m using from Pantene!

This post is sponsored by Pantene, all thoughts, text and opinions are mine.

Growing up in an atmosphere where my grandmother and mother both not only ran, but owned a beauty shop, I was able to experience the pleasure of trying many different hairstyle trends and fads. This also meant learning how to truly take care of my hair and learning some tricks of the trade when in a bind! I’m excited to partner with Pantene to discuss their new Nutrient Blends Collection and share some of my tricks and tips on the importance of hair care including some that I learned from my mom and grandma!

  1. Out of Dry Shampoo – Can’t make it to the store? Well, if you have baby powder laying around, simply put some in your hands, rub together and put onto the roots of your hair! This has been a go-to secret of mine for years. Rely on dry shampoo to get you through the days you don’t wash your hair.
  2. Don’t wash your hair everyday! Washing your hair every day will strip your hair of the oils it needs for nutrition and growth. I personally wash my hair every 3-4 days!
  3. Static in your hair? Go into your laundry room and grab a fabric softener sheet! Rub it all over your head from root to the ends. This will instantly remove any static you have. *It will also make your hair smell amazing.
  4. Is your hair feeling dry and damaged? Not curling or straightening correctly? Use a deep conditioning mask! I highly recommend applying before bed, letting it dry, go to sleep then rinse in the morning. A deep conditioning mask is like water to your skin! It’s a must!
  5. Eat Healthier foods for healthier hair! Foods like almond butter, tangerines, Alma berries and spinach are nutrient-rich foods that are sure to help your hair.
  6. Know your hair and which brands work for YOU during EACH season of the year!  We often change our skincare and makeup for each season, let’s not forget about our haircare. When you travel, you should also be paying attention to the weather in that area. The atmosphere and weather will have a drastic effect on how your hair reacts.
  7. Apply conditioner correctly.  I used to always use it from my roots to my tips. Big no no. That would cause my hair to get super greasy. Apply your conditioner starting from the halfway point of your hair to the ends!

Being surrounded by that hair dresser atmosphere was always fun. I will admit, I was their guinea pig for a while, haha, when trying new things, but they always taught me to take care of, nurture and condition my hair. I was taught the right way to avoid damage to my hair.

Just like skin, your hair needs TLC too. That’s why it’s important to know what type of shampoo and conditioner work for YOU. As I mentioned above, take the time to check the weather where you currently live or if you’re on the go, the weather at your destination. Each season you will see that your hair will react differently. Whether it’s frizzy, dry or oily! We often forget how much the atmosphere will affect our hair.

Pantene just released their new Nutrient Blends Collection!

I personally love the Miracle Moisture Boost Collection with Rose Water because of how much I’m constantly styling my hair. I gave the shampoo and conditioner a try for the last 3 weeks and I love how it makes my hair feel and smell! These collections are free of sulfates, parabens, dyes and mineral oil.

About this collection:

The Miracle Moisture Boost Collection with Rose Water was made to soothe and hydrate dry and brittle hair. This collection currently features two products:

 Rose Water Shampoo – provides gentle cleansing to leave dry hair feeling soft and not stripped. When to use: for a regular, gentle cleanse on your wash days

• Rose Water Conditioner – hydrates hair to tame frizz and provide a nourished, silky finish. When to use: for regular moisture boosts with every wash day

• Used to care for skin in extreme climate conditions
• Relives skin irritation and redness
• Contains antioxidants

Which best defines your hair?

Soothe and hydrate dry hair? (Use MIRACLE MOISTURE BOOST WITH ROSE WATER)

Protect and repair damaged hair? (Use FORTIFYING DAMAGE REPAIR WITH CASTOR OIL)

Add fullness to fine, thin hair? (Use HAIR VOLUME MULTIPLIER WITH BAMBOO)

There is a hair product for whatever your need might be! You might want to add more than one to your shower collection. We all have a shower collection of products that we use, sometimes combining them will get you the best results! Click here to get yours! 

Hope you enjoyed me sharing some of my hair tricks and tips, thanks for letting me share another product that I love with you guys!

xx, Tonya Michelle

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  1. My hair is fine and curly – a combo that loves to frizz or get flat. Ha! I’m super into all-natural products, so I finally found a clean brand that works on my locks. It took a while, though!

  2. I’ve used many of those tips throughout my life. The dryer sheet one really works! And the baby powder, while maybe not the best for dark hair, definitely does the trick as well! Great ideas here. And I’m dying to try these Pantene products. I’ve heard wonderful things about them!

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